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Welcome to OMD Consultancy!


OMcD Consultancy provides strategic advice and guidance to SMEs and family-owned businesses. OMcD Consultancy is a business agency dedicated to the retail sector and new startups. Our mission is to help organisations, to be more successful. Having a high impact plan, an ability to attract and retain high-quality staff and reduce uncertainty.

What is Business Coaching?

If you’re starting your own business, have your own business, or are stuck in a rut with some aspect of your career. I help you clarify your vision of success, create an action plan and hold you accountable to achieve results. Together we will work on both the business mindset and the practical application of building and managing a business.

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Who Can Benefit From Having a Business Coach?

Someone who is:

• Looking to expand and up level your current business
• Starting a business
• Having trouble following through on things
• Wanting to improve your skills ( managing, etc.)
• Lacking work/life balance
• Unclear of their short-term and long-term goals
• Struggling with self-confidence
• Challenged with profitability

How Does Coaching Work?

The way you think profoundly influences the way you feel, so learning to think differently can enable you to feel and act differently. A coach helps strengthen certain patterns and brain connections, making it easier to create new habits.

Step 1. Assess Client’s Current Situation
Step 2. Discuss the Desired Outcome
Step 3. Set Specific Business Goals (performance and behavioural)
Step 4. Design Actions and Create a Plan
Step 5. Implement The Plan
Step 6. Monitor Progress and Hold Client Accountable
Step 7. Evaluate Results and Adjust the Plan Accordingly

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Executive Coaching

Improved business performance.
Rapid individual development.
Increased retention of key people.
Superior productivity and customer service.


Our Strategic Planning Business Coaching services are designed for entrepreneurs who are committed to building a successful business.

1-to-1 Monthly Coaching
1-to-1 Fortnightly Coaching
Business Plan