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Digital Marketing

We provide specialised strategic digital consultancy services for our clients which we help implement and monitor from conception to completion.

We help develop, execute, and monitor marketing programmes across a variety of platforms including all social media channels. Our work includes researching the market specific to your business, analysing trends to help define your bespoke marketing strategy, and providing advice as to how to best reach your target market.

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Marketing Consulting

Market research is a key stage for understanding the marketplace and the consumer. Collecting useful insights from audits and analytics is the cornerstone in launching the marketing strategy.

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Change management and Lean

OMD Consultancy has found that integrating Lean Six Sigma methods with clients, always leads to great success with better productivity, greater goals and faster results! This exercise has resulted in increased cash flow, higher margins, quicker stock turn around and increase customer satisfaction.

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Management and Consulting

OMD Consultancy assists with new business start-ups, and with established businesses supporting them to develop, grow and become more competitive within their industry.

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Strategic Business Planning

We provide comprehensive, bespoke solutions tailored for your business to drive change and achieve optimum results. We will help you develop business ideas, new skills and more importantly manage your most valuable asset – your time.

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Change management and Lean

One way to get an independent view of your business is to hire a professional Mystery Shopper. All of our mystery shopper services here at OMD Consultancy are fully bespoke ensuring that you get the most out of your evaluation.

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Business Coaching

We will take time with you to distinguish your unique goals and examine the entire spectrum of the business including leadership skills, time management, social media, website optimisation and so on. We will then give you our professional opinion on the areas you need to focus on.

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Leadership and Team development

Effective leadership, teamwork and communication skills are essential for business success and customer loyalty. We will give you the tools and structures you need to make leadership and team development a top priority in your business.

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Customer Insights

One way to get an independent view of your business is to hire a professional Mystery Shopper. All of our mystery shopper services here at OMD Consultancy are fully bespoke ensuring that you get the most out of your evaluation.


Some reasons why you need a business coach:

  • You want to increase your sales and ultimately your profit while lowering your costs. How to remain lean while labour costs are on the rise.
  • You’re worried about the impact Brexit will have on your business and the sterling exchange rate.
  • You see a gap in your team skills. You want to develop your team of people so they are motivated, passionate and high achievers that lead your business, whether you are there or not. You are a leader whose wants to successfully communicate your vision, influence, motivate and direct your staff, increase staff productivity and performance.
  • You have struggled over the last number of years due to the recession and your supply chain agreements aren’t so flexible affecting your growth. You have lost purchasing power and, as a result, customers. You have cash flow problems and debt. You need to revisit your vision and growth. You lack innovation.
  • Globalisation – You need to develop and bring your business in line with the ever changing global digital market. You may need to diversity.
  • E-Commerce – It is no longer good enough to have a shop window, you need to be Omni present. Not only do you need to bring your business online and trade, you need an active social media profile, that engages with your customers.
  • You strive to create a work/life balance but you don’t know how you can. “Nobody does it as good as you” or “Nobody has your drive or passion”. As a result your relationships and health are struggling.
  • You know you need to keep up to date with legalistive and regulatory changes and commitments but just feel lost around all these obligations.
  • New Millennials – You don’t understand them. They don’t believe in a job for life. You are encountering difficulties in attracting the right talent. What do you need to do to once you have attracted them into your work force to keep them? How do ensure you have succession planning in place.
  • You need to be held accountable. You get to take the necessary time out of your business to soundboard your ideas, talk about issues you face on a daily basis and about problems that can be turned into opportunities. It is an ideal environment to talk through your ideas. Sometimes you can’t see the woods from the trees when you are knee deep in your business.
  • You are new to a leadership role or possibly trying to adapt to a role adjustment. Maybe you have out-grown the company you work for and feel there is no room to progress, yet you have more to offer.