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Welcome to OMD Consultancy!

Before you can plan where to go next, you need to understand “Where are we?” today. OMcD Consultancy has a proven track record in resolving specific pain points in a retail business.
In order to tactfully resolve these issues, OMcD Consultancy conducts a deep-dive business review that looks at everything connected to the business. This review includes looking at the category, consumer, competitors, channels and the brand to develop a strategic and actionable resolution.
Business  “Deep Dives” deliver a high-level, operational view of an alternative analysis, and roadmap by drawing upon:
• The current state of the environment
• Industry best practices
• Stakeholder and customer requirements
• Channels
• Competitors
• Brand
• Available resources

The data gained from business  “deep dive” analysis allow for a deep understanding of the business problem enabling OMcD consultants to develop a more potent and tailored solution to its clients.