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Mystery Shopper – Rapid Retail Results

Are you looking to increase your sales? One way to do this is by looking at your customer experience, not only their in-store experience but how they found you. You need to be omnipresent. People are now searching businesses online in their area before visiting the store.

One way to get an independent view is to hire a professional Mystery Shopper today to solve your problems. All our mystery shopper services here at OMcD Consultancy are fully bespoke ensuring that you get exactly the information that is most valuable to your business to ensure Rapid Retail Results.

Our service is based on you and tailored to meet your needs. We take pride in completing the highest standards no matter how big or small each of our visits are. Results are feedback in a timely fashion. You are in control.

Our Rapid Retail Results programs specialise in driving customer engagement by providing proven Mystery Shopper programmes resulting in higher service standards and increasing customer care performance for a retail business. We cover Ireland and the UK.

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Why use a Mystery Shopper?

When location, product or pricing are no longer unique and with the increase of online shopping the customer experience is the key to success or failure.The customer experience is what can make the difference to your bottom line and ultimately to increase sales. As you know, it costs more to get a customer than to retain an existing one. One disgruntled customer will no longer just tell at least 5 people, they will also post it on Social Media about their experience of your store and your staff.

The 10 Benefits to you and your business of using a Mystery Shopper:

Improves the customer experience
Timely customer feedback
Improves customer retention
It measures both the company and the customer satisfaction
Helps with performance reviews/action plans
Identify staff training needs, strengths and weakness/action plans
Can be used as a KPI
Manages changes and improvements in staff behaviours
It’s a cost-effective method of monitoring your customer service standards
It can help increase your sales and profitability by improving your customer experience

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