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New and Exciting Canva Features!

If you are a regular user of Canva, you might have noticed some of the really useful new features that have been rolled out in 2022 (and it’s only February!). However, if you are someone who dips in and out of the popular design tool I’m here to fill you in on some exciting changes that may benefit you or your team.

Create Cross-Platform Social Media Campaigns in Minutes with Quick Create

Are you a busy business owner that needs to create social media content for a number of different platforms? Well, this might be your new best friend! The Quick Create feature allows you to bulk create posts for multiple platforms at once. Simply choose your required formats, add text, then watch Quick Create suggest relevant templates. Each post is editable, so you can put your own stamp on it to suit your brand. This feature will save you so much time!

Canva quick create

New Tables Feature

Up until recently, creating tables in Canva was a real pain. If you wanted to create an excel looking document to include in your Canva presentation, you were faced with a problem. However, this has all changed! Canva has finally introduced editable tables as a new feature in elements.

Canva Tables

Canva Is Now Available In Slack

Canva has really stepped up its game with hybrid working now becoming the norm around the world. Whether you’re a big business or a small independent business, a lot of teams are now using Slack as a communication tool. You can now receive Canva notifications in Slack when you’re tagged in a comment, need to review a presentation or get a request to share a design.

Canva and slack

Colour Picker Feature

Brand colours are so important when it comes to designing content that represents your brand. Canva has now introduced a colour picker in the form of an eyedropper tool that exists right within Canva so you don’t have to download any Chrome extensions to find a colour hex code. To find this new feature, select the element of which you want to customise the colour and then select the colour button. Within the colour environment, there is a multicoloured box with a plus sign in it. By selecting this button, users can customise the colour of your element using a hex code or the new colour picker tool.

Hopefully, you learned about something new within these cool new features. Canva is constantly updating and coming out with new innovative updates that make our designing so much easier! Happy Canva -ing folks and I look forward to catching up again soon.

Orla – OMD Consultancy.