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Since beginning my work with Orla earlier this year, I have found her to be an exemplary professional coach.

With a sincere desire to help people, and through her systematic approach to coaching Orla has guided me with meaningful discussion, importantly asking great questions that allow me as an individual find the most suitable answers to fit my work/life situations allowing me advance with a clear vision of my future.

Thank you Orla and I look forward to our continuing relationship.

“Moved my life in areas which I wanted to change”

I didn’t have much focus in my life when I met Orla.Orla guided me through the process and explained everything so well as we went along.It was through the sessions I discovered I needed to become more assertive in my current position. I was determined to focus on what I needed to do in order to become more assertive. At times it was challenging however I stook with it.

I did feel a bit nervous if I had to speak out with opinions on projects which may had been easier to have said less and went with others recommendations.However where and when appropriate I did speak up. I contributed on projects even if my opinions where different to others viewpoint. Following this I was assigned projects which I am to manage.I continue to take new challenges in my job which has helped me gain a lot more confidence. I believe I have gained addional skills, showed leadership and at my 6 month review I asked for 10% pay rise.

To my surpise it was acknowledged that I had added value to the company, taken initiative and my pay rise was given. Whilst I continue to enjoy my current position my confidence has increased so much so I am considering other positions in management roles.Great experience! Boosted my confidence and have received extra pay which I gladly needed!Thanks Orla!!

Loved what I got from our sessions…. I found then motivating and encouraging!!

Orla McDonnell executive coach, has been instrumental in my career to date.

I have had the privilege to have worked with her on a number of occassions over the past 20years.
As a retail professional she has assisted me by being a naturally gifted mentor who has an objective outlook and can allow you to stand back and see what is important and where you need to focus both individually and strategically
Orla has proved to be a solid sounding board who can guide your decisions with balance and conscience. Her ability to help you empower those around you through strong leadership skills and challenging allows you to set targets and goals which assist the group to acheive.

Orla’s ability to encourage the sharing of thoughts and help recognise improvement opportunities have had a marked impact on my leadership presence and allowed me to accept change and deal positively with navigating difficult circumstances.

Orla is a fantastic coach and mentor who has a committed attitude and has helped me acheive throughout my career, I would not have achieved the progression within my career without her guidance, support and expertise.

Cannot recommend this lovely lady highly enough. Will definitely be using Orla’s services again in the future. Being your own boss in a small business can be challenging when you have no-one to share your ideas with, ask for advice and make sure your going in the right direction. Orla knows what she’s doing, will steer you in the right direction and genuinely cares about you succeeding. Passionate about what she does and with fantastic ideas. Loved working with her.

I would highly recommend orla as a business coach. Orla helped me to obtain investment for my business and continues to give me help and support.She goes above and beyond and genuinely wants to see the best for people in business

“I attended a Rapid Retail course which Orla ran at The Creative Spark back in September. She has helped me with my business and personal goals immensely. I have adopted new strategies into both my business and personal life and already I can see great results. My vision for my business has never been as clear, I have been really focused on the actions that I need to take which has been driving my business forward. I am delighted with the sales that have grown month on month and in December the sales quadrupled! I now realise how busy I was before this workshop working in my business and not on my business, I would have argued that this wasn’t the case, but I can clearly see now that it was. I am delighted to have a balance back between my business life and personal life. Thanks to you Orla.”

I can’t rate Orla highly enough. I attended a Rapid Retail course which she ran at The Creative Spark. She has helped me with my business and personal goals immensely. I have adopted new strategies into both my business and personal life and already can see great results. Thank-you Orla

I opened my small retail store, Freemypicture.com 4 years ago with big dreams and hopes, however I have been busy working in it & not on it. Working with Orla has been an eye opener & through our sessions I have been re-energised & now more focused on working on the business not in it.
Orla helped me to make the life changes I knew were needed but deep down feared making. Throughout the sessions Orla was & remains very supportive, positive & friendly. My business has seen some big changes in a matter of weeks & will continue to for some time.
I highly recommend working with Orla to help clear that path to success, understanding your obstacles & proactively finding solutions that will get you those goals. Professional, honest & caring, I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me Orla.

Many thanks

Orla was a fantastic support to me! When we first met I had only a vision of my possible business but Orla gave me the necessary tools to begin making that vision a reality. She supported me along every step of the way; from applying for funding/loans, creating my business plan, marketing and advertising advice. Orla also put me in contact with the Local Enterprise Office and encouraged me to take part in starting your own business courses. Orla was always on the end of the phone or email when I had questions and was constructive and supportive in her response. She helped me establish goals and set realistic targets to successfully meet them. I highly commend Orla and would definitely recommend her to anyone who is starting up their own business.

Orla is an inspirational business mentor and coach. I worked with Orla on a large scale project for my online business and through Orla’s mentoring I was capable of achieving my business goals. Orla has in depth knowledge and a real understanding for the retail sector and no question or road bump that I stumbled upon along the way was a problem – Orla only provides you with solutions and the empowerment of believing you can achieve what you set out to. In addition to all of this, Orla will inspire you with her outlook and attitude towards business and life. Thank you again Orla, for all of your support, help and encouragement along the way.

Orla became a business mentor for Cian’s Tech World at a stage where we were starting to expand by opening a second store, the knowledge & experience/advice Orla gave me has really helped and paid off. I have now learned to set clear goals along the way to achieve what I have set out to achieve and to manage a business the way it should be. The experience was second to none, we as a company are now on a path to growing very successfully thanks to Orla and her team. Their experience in Social Media adverts is second to none, I have had many different companies look after my social media with very little success from it, but Megan solved all the issues with our social media platforms and got us on the right track. Thanks, Orla & Megan for all your help.

The team at OMD, led by Orla are just super. Their advice and expertise was invaluable to us as a young company as we expand our business. I cannot recommend them highly enough, not only are they top of their game in what they do they are SUCH lovely people to deal with.

I would highly recommend working with Orla. She gave me huge insight into strategy and leadership skills that I have now implemented within my own business to achieve my goals and desired results. Orla’s support and guidance throughout the journey were excellent and have made a great difference to my outlook and approach to being a leader.

Orla was a pleasure to work with. As a business mentor, she was patient, knowledgeable, honest and straightforward. She showed me around corners, when I didn’t even know there were corners!
Highly recommend.

Take your business to the next level with Orla at OMD Consultancy. It has been an amazing experience having Orla as my mentor and business coach throughout the past year. From her beautiful warm personality to her invaluable advice and encouragement. Thank you so much Orla, definitely five stars from me.

Following a recent Mentor session with Orla, I strongly felt I needed to leave a review in order for other people to understand how wonderful the session was & what a positive impact it has had on me, both personally & professionally. I think it may possibly the best thing I have done for my start up business. Having experienced first-hand her enthusiastic support and guidance with a very hands-on practical approach to reviewing my short and long term goals.. I felt Orla really listened & had vast knowledge & ideas which has really helped me to focus on the critical areas I need to grow the business at this moment in an effective manner. Oral also took the time to make a few introductions to people in the industry which was incredibly kind & helpful.

I would highly recommend Orla as a business mentor, as she provided an excellent mentoring experience, delivering practical advice in a down-to-earth and reassuring way. Orla clearly has a wealth of expertise in running and managing businesses, and draws from a multitude of experiences.

Being part of the mentoring programme brought a fresh pair of eyes to the business, and it helped to deal with issues in a focused way. Working with Orla on a one to one basis was very beneficial.
Prior to our meeting, Orla contacted me to forward 3 main issues to be discussed. With her probing questions, it helped us discover the main areas we needed to focus on in terms of our strategy and from an overall organisational perspective. I would highly recommend working with Orla. It was a pleasure dealing with Orla from both a personal and professional point of view. I found the overall experience enriching and I am happy to have gained a new perspective on our business now and into the future. Thank you again Orla!

Orla literally took my ailing online presence and shook hard, guiding me right out of my comfort zone in the nicest but firmest way possible. She has huge IT skills which is so important for the health of any business, especially in the craft sector where many of the more veteran parctitioners would struggle in the online area. I am so grateful to her because now what had seemed like intractable problems have been dealt with and there is a web site I can be proud of in the public domain. Her connections in this area have been so important too.

Being a part of OMD Consultancy’s 90 Day Programme was extremely beneficial for both me and my business. Since working with Orla I have a clear business plan for the next couple of years with goals that I am continuously ticking off now. I am much more confident when it comes to social media marketing for my business and can see amazing benefits from putting the time into doing this right.
I highly recommend Orla and her team if you are looking to grow and improve your business, I have gained so much insight and knowledge through this experience that will be invaluable for years to come.

I had a great experience. Orla is amazing, Really informative and no nonsense approach which I absolutely love. She helped me narrow down and re focus on the things that will actually drive my business forward in the long run. Easy to talk to, would highly recommend this service to anyone needing a little help in their business.

Orla is an excellent business mentor who has provided customised supports and training programmes to numerous social enterprises in Cavan, including Business Planning, Social Media & Marketing which has greatly helped these organisations to develop & grow their enterprise while developing their social impact. Her knowledge and enthusiasm empowers participants to move outside the box in striving to achieving their goals.

Orla is the business mammy that everyone needs. Supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging. But she’ll be there to call you out and make you work when you need it, keeping you on track to achieving far more than you would alone. I would highly recommend Orla’s business mentorship, encouraging you to grab a space if you can

Orla brings incredible energy and insight to her work. She plans ahead and always delivers on commitments. Orla is an expert in all aspects of Digital Marketing.

I gave a Visual Merchandising workshop with Orla as part of her Superior Retailing Programme! Her attention to detail when it comes to her clients is second to none, she really gave them so many opportunities to expand their skill set and improve their knowledge in all aspects of retail! Orla has also been a great support to me since opening my own business and I couldn’t recommend her enough!

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Orla, whose knowledge of business & social media is second-to-none. I recently acquired Orla’s service & was impressed with the detailed analysis & suggestions on how to deliver a better customer experience. Orla has been instrumental in the rapid development of my business, earning my highest recommendation.