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Christmas Post Mortem

Happy New Year! As the dust settles on 2018, I hope you feel the joy and excitement of the fresh New Year in front of you! This is the time of year that everyone thinks about setting goals and planning for their business.

Take time now to do a post-mortem on your business and in particular the Christmas season. What worked well, what didn’t and what do you need to do different next year? What lines were your best sellers and how can you build on them for 2019. What were your dogs? What issues did you have to overcome? Employees not showing up in time for shifts, You didn’t recruit enough people? Too much stock, not enough of the best selling lines, Started promotions too late/too early, Didn’t push online sales enough, Did the weather affect your trade, etc.

Draw out a floor plan of how your shop floor looked. How many extra fixtures or FSDU’s did you use? What was your visual merchandising, marketing and recruitment strategy. Record every minute detail.