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Know Your Christmas Customer

Know Your Christmas Customer

Orla McDonnell 26th November 2018

Your Christmas customer is generally different from your normal day to day customer. Your day-to-day customer is likely to be someone who knows, understands, enjoys, and uses the products you sell.

Your Christmas customer is a gift-giver! They may not have shopped with you before.

Big differences!

They are shopping with a list. They want to cross as many people of that list if they can. They will also have an amount of how much they want to spend on that person. This is only an amount and not their budget. They are more interested in getting the perfect present.

People are looking for solutions. Make it easy for them to shop. Display and sign your merchandise to make it super easy for your Christmas customer to find the gift they are looking for. Put yourself in their shoes. Think as they think.

They are thinking…….

“I need a present for my Mum and I don’t mind how much it cost”. A range of gifts for Mum display.

“I need a present for my daughter’s teacher and I only want to spend €10”. Ideal gifts for Teachers under a €10 table.

“I need a present for my Secret Santa and the limit is €20”. Secret Santa Gifts Ideas highlighted with POS.

“I am looking for stocking fillers for my kids”. Stocking Fillers ideas merchandised on an end fixture.

Don’t forget to train your team to ask your customers “Who else in on your list so I can help you cross them off too”. This is a win-win situation. Your customer gets the perfect present and you have just increased your ATV and got the sale.

You have the solutions to their gifting problems so make sure you are shouting about it and make it easy for them.

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