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How to define your business culture?

By Orla McDonnell

Are you looking to change “how you do things around here” in your business? Your values and beliefs influence the actions that you will choose to take, as a business owner, to achieve your business and personal goals.They will also influence your staff.


If you are the owner of a business you must be true to your values and beliefs or you will risk becoming disenchanted with your business; eroding your passion, motivation and ultimately your ability to achieve your goal.


This week take some time with your staff to answer these questions:


  • What are your values and beliefs?
  • How will they shape your business?
  • To what extent can every person in the organisation clearly articulate why the company exists, where the company is going, and how it’s going to get there?
  • What information and skills do employees need to successfully do their jobs, and what structure will best help you achieve your organisational objectives?
  • To what extent does the organisational structure allow for decisions to be made efficiently and effectively, and for people to operate in accordance with the stated values and norms of the organisation?
  • How are people empowered to do their job?
  • To what extent does the company focus on the needs of external and internal stakeholders alike, and is the organisation capable of adapting quickly to respond to shifting needs and demands?
  • What ethical areas are a no-go? Where are your organisational boundaries?
  • What do you want your business to “stand for”? Does it have a “message”?


Note your answers; The degree to which your employees are aligned in their responses to the questions above will help you gauge the state of your organisational culture. Their answers will also provide a good road map for how you can improve your business culture. Next step take the necessary action to make the change if you don’t like what you find.