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12 Days of Christmas

How to do a 12 Days of Christmas Retail Promotion Blog

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By Orla McDonnell Retail Specialist
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What is a 12 days of Christmas Promo? This type of sale is an item sale. One item per day for 12 days heavily discounted to drive traffic to your retail store. It’s great way to increase cashflow and traffic.

First, Make a plan of how you are going to execute your 12 Days of Christmas Promo.

What you now need to decide is whether you are going to do it for the first 12 days or the last 12 days, what items are going to be included, what are the offers, have you enough stock to back the offer up, how you are going to get the word out, speak to suppliers, customer service & sales training.

Think about “what would my customer want”? And give it to them.

What makes the 12 day promo successful is to ensure the discount is deep enough, at least 40%. 20 % is not good enough. Ideally, anything from 50% to 75% will capture customers attention. It needs to be such a great price that they cannot resist coming into your store to buy it.

If you are worried about margin why not speak to your suppliers and see if they have any clearance lines that will give you the deepest discount and protect your margin.
The key is to buy in popular well-known brand items for the first couple of days and then target your overstocks/suppliers clearance for the rest of the promo.

Your team must be ready to convert that traffic into a big sale. Sales training should be rolled out to all team members beforehand to ensure your customers get the perfect purchase and they buy more than the promo item. Your team are key to making this a success.

Next step is marketing the promo. Make your video’s and photo’s fun, crazy, cool, something that will get them hooked. That will get them to open that email, watch that video, read the post etc. For example, dress up as Elf with a funny video talking about today’s item.

It is often the more personal ones that get traction. See if any of your team want to get involved. Use the element of surprise by only announcing the night before or on each day of the promo what the item on offer will be. Get them hooked to hear what the next offer will be.

Use Facebook, Instagram, email, SMS etc, whatever works best for you to promote.

Remember marketing will get traffic to your store, it is your teams job to convert that traffic into sales.

Good luck!

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