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Why Invest In A Mystery shopper programme for your retail store? By Orla McDonnell

When location, product or pricing are no longer unique and with the increase of online shopping, the customer experience is the key to success or failure.The customer experience is what can make the difference to your bottom line and ultimately to increase sales. As you know, it costs more to get a customer than to retain an existing one. One disgruntled customer will no longer just tell at least 5 people, they will also post it on Social Media about their experience of your store and your staff.

I am sure you expect your team to give your customers the best experience every time they are in your retail store. But the question is “Do they?” How do you know? The only way to know for sure is to ask your customers.

A mystery shopper is a great way to inspect what you expect your employees to do.

Using a Mystery Shopper you will learn about:

• Daily housekeeping standards.
• Shop appearance, inside and out.
• How long they were in the store before they were either greeted or acknowledged or not!
• Employees general appearance and attitude.
• Did your employees take time to understand the customer needs and match the perfect product?
• Was the customer asked about your loyalty scheme?
• Did your employee attempted to add on to the sale?
• Was the transaction handled correctly?
• Was the customer Thanked for shopping with you today?
• The Mystery Shopper’s overall opinion of the shopping experience.
• You can bespoke your Mystery Shopper programme to find out any other standard that you expect your employees to keep.

Using a Mystery Shopper report allows you to hold your team accountable, praise and reward as well as coach any under performance. They can’t argue with it as the customer is just calling it like it is. It will keep employees on their toes if they know once a month they are been shopped. Anyone could be that Mystery Shopper visiting your store today!

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The 10 Benefits to you and your business of using a Mystery Shopper:

• Improves the customer experience

• Timely customer feedback

• Improves customer retention

• It measures both the company and the customer satisfaction

• Helps with performance reviews/action plans

• Identifies staff training needs, strengths and weakness/action plans

• Can be used as a KPI

• Manages changes and improvements in staff behaviours

• It’s a cost effective method of monitoring your customer service standards

• It can help increase your sales and profitability by improving your customer experience

Let’s chat about how we can help. Get in touch http://s893270745.websitehome.co.uk/contact/