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What is Customer Service?

Orla McDonnell
1 minute read.

What is customer service? and Why do we buy from one company and not another? Is it Price? Convenience? People? Product?

What is your why?

Very often people stop shopping with you because of an experience they had in your store. Customer service is not rocket science.

Customer service is incredibly important.

It’s the way that most people judge you because they can’t really judge your behind the scenes quality.

Customer service is a massively neglected area. And if you fail on doing the basics then that’s how customers are lost.

You’re going to lose customers if you don’t do the basics.

And it’s really expensive to get new customers to replace an existing regular customer.

You would be mad to fail on a basic because all you need to have is a system.

What are the basics? Here are my top 10 basic customer service rules that are applicable to all businesses.

The 10 Basics Rules of Customer Service

1. MMFI – make the customer feel important.

2. Eye contact and smile.

3. Get people’s names right. A person’s name is one of the most important words to that person.

4. Easy to get hold of.

5. Call back when you said you would.

6. Keep your promises.

7. Invest in your people. Train all of your staff and give them the correct skills.

8. Everything to be clean and that includes the people.
9. Keep customers informed.

10. Adapt to the customer.

It’s really important to get the basics right.
If you fail on any of the basics you could lose a customer.
And it’s important to have a system and to make sure that everyone always follows the rules.

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