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Surprise & Delight your Customer Blog

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Surprise and delight your customers can be difficult as it requires you to get creative. The good news is you don’t have to do this alone. In this Retail Customer Service blog, I am going to give you 10 ideas that you can implement to improve your customer service and increase your sales in your retail business.

It is worth noting that before you are ready to surprise your customers, you need to get the customer service basics right (see July Blog http://s893270745.websitehome.co.uk/what-is-customer-service/).

Surprise & Delight is thinking about ideas that your competitors haven’t thought about yet. To do this we need to have processes in place to help you get more ideas.

The processes I talk about in this retail blog will help you to generate even more ways to delight

your customers and increase your sales in your retail business.

I’d recommend that you brainstorm as a group with your colleagues or with some friends on

“What are as many ways as we can think of to delight our customers?

Here are 10 possible ideas to get you started!

  1. What is easy to give to your customers that you are already have but would be valuable to them? What knowledge do you have that you can give your customer? it might be advice or it might be information. That is something you can easily give a customer and it would be a delight factor for them. And it’s free!
  2. Do things that are unexpected and that your customer didn’t ask for.
  3. Creative Swiping – steal ideas from other people, not just your competitors but from different sectors.
  4. Worst Case Scenario – imagine what really bad service is and then reverse it.
  5. Watch and Learn – find out what people don’t like. Watch what people do and even ask them what do you NOT like about the process and then FIX IT.
  6. Go the extra mile for every customer! What if your customer was the President? What if they were really really important? How would you treat them? The same as your regular customers or different I wonder?
  7. Walk in their Shoes – if I was in their shoes, how would I feel if I was there? If you are a restaurant, have a little selection of glasses purely available just to lend to people who’d forgotten their glasses that enable them to read the menu.
  8. Stay Alert for service opportunities. Always be looking for what can I do to really make my Customers love me. As an example, if somebody has bought something heavy, you could say “would you like me to help you carry that to your car?”
  9. Build a relationship with your customer. Make it personal. Say “Hi Sharon would you like your usual?”
  10. Easy Returns – how can you make it easier for the customer to come back to you a second time. How can you make them become a regular customer? Is your return policy customer friendly or owner friendly?

Taking that little bit of effort to do the extra things that your customers are not expecting, can make all the difference.

Train your team to deliver.

You want to Stand Out from your competitors..

The delight factor is really, really important.

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