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Tips for Greeting your Customers Blog.

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By Orla McDonnell Retail Specialist
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To greet or not to greet that is the question! Have you ever gone shopping with a specific purpose in mind, entered the store and then had to wait such a long time for someone to acknowledge or greet you? Even to ask if you needed any help? Or worse actually have to look for someone to help you, usually somewhere behind the till area?

I know I have! I am sure you think it never happens in your store. Just yesterday, it happened to me in a local retail store.

Retailers often tell me it is the hardest part of selling, getting their employees to approach and greet the customer.
Here are 5 quick tips that you can implement in your retail business to ensure that your customers have a great experience even time they visit your store.

Tip 1: Have a specific standard in place for greeting customers. Think about what you want. Do you want all customer to be greeted with 30 secs, 60 sec etc? Once you decide, ensure all your team know what your expectation is.

Tip 2: Train your team to interact with your customer warmly to determine if they need immediate help or are quite happy to browse. Unless your employee interacts, you won’t know.

Tip 3: Smile, get in the habit of smiling and establishing eye contact with your customer. This will start to establish trust. People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Tip 4: Don’t judge! Be careful not to judge a customer by the way they dress or look. It is very natural to make assumptions about people. However, it has no place on the retail sales floor. Your job is not to judge, it is to establish a personal relationship with your customer.

Tip 5: Sign up to a Mystery Shopper Programme. This is a great way to ensure not only that your standards are been met all the time, it will also help you to help raise the standard within your retail store. It is a great tool to check that every customer is greeted the way you want even when you are not watching.

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